You know your goals best. Make a device that meets them.

Kinisi consists of hardware you can buy online or in the stores. And the software is freely available. Download the specs and code, and customize for your projects' needs. So you can chart your own path.

Assemble and download, or get a kit from us. Either way, you'll be up-and-running in no time. 


Kinisi in a nutshell.png

Assemble components that meet your needs. Load and customize software tailored to you. It's all in your hands. 


Road Trip.png

Kinisi gathers information right away. Quickly get back to your real job of viewing and analyzing, via the app or web. 


3D Bridge Crossing

Visualize and export data to your own tools, or start using new ones. There's lots of options. 


Please contact us for more information or to become a Beta customer